Professionalism in the workplace

Professionalism is basically, the knowledge that an individual carries about a certain field. At work, professionalism refers to a person doing his/her job with sincerity, and maintaining professional etiquette and ethics at workplace. It leads to logical and completely unbiased decision-making, making it the basis of a good work environment. Professionalism at work is completely devoid of politics, positive politics or mind games. Its root lies in those who do their work with quality and quantity in mind.
When it comes to the workplace how you act at home doesn’t necessarily mean you have the green light to display the same behavior within a professional setting.
When I hear an individual berating an employee those types of issues need to be held in private and with lowered voice.  If an employee makes a mistake why in the world would you broadcast it where the entire workforce can hear it?
One thing the military taught me was how to properly discipline a soldier.  If at all possible you take them to the side and discuss the issue in a rational and professional matter. Something, it seems, many people fail to grasp. Instead they call out the person, embarrassing them to the point of stress–what kind of quality or loyalty would you then expect from this person???? has some interesting points regarding the matter:
Distinct Facets that Personify Professionalism
  • Adhere to your commitments with your reporting heads and colleagues. Living up to your commitments every single time is a mark of a true professional.
  • Realize the sensitivity of the work that comes over to you and make sure not to misuse it in any way. This will make you a trustworthy professional.
  • Valuing the time and effort spent by others is never taken for granted by a thorough professional.
  • Conducting yourself well in office, following a certain set of work principles and setting an example for others will make you a good role model.
  • Laying high standards for your work performance from time to time and always doing your best in all that you do, speaks volumes about your professionalism at work.

Why is professionalism important in the workplace? The following are some of the reasons:

  • Professionalism at work is important to ensure good performance by all. If everyone is professional, everyone will do the best they can at their job.
  • Professionalism at work is required to ensure a good team spirit. If people work professionally, they will know how to value their organizational goals, along with their personal ones.
  • Professionalism is required to keep all the employees motivated. Happy employees are positive brand ambassadors for the organization. Keeping the employees motivated, is important to maintain a good reputation of the office.
  • It is important to ensure justice to everyone’s efforts. In a professional environment, a person’s quality of work is taken into consideration along with the quantity of their work. This phenomenon does justice and appreciates the efforts of the employees.
  • Professionalism at work helps in maintaining the right amount of communication at the workplace. It also ensures that those who need to be heard, are heard.

Professionalism is the axis around which any organization revolves. Without this axis, the organization will be lost in the galaxy of politics, mind games and blame games.


As a supervisor, when your employees respect you it shows. It shows in their production, quality, and commitment.

Who wants to work in an hostile work environment?

Certainly not me.

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