Toxic relationships

My sister had posed the question on Facebook as to when is the right time to simply drop a toxic relationship…toxic meaning that there are more negatives than positives…constant fighting…drifting apart…..and no matter how many times you try to ressolve conflict issues they simply keep popping up its ugly head.

Sometimes you have to ask yourselves is this person deserving of your emotional investment? I have seen bad marriages and other types of relationships last longer than they naturally should.
You have to ask yourself these difficult types of questions. 
What is healthy for you? Why keep hanging on to something that simply will fail?

2 thoughts on “Toxic relationships

  1. This is a very hard thing to do. Sometimes it just hurts too much to think of not being with that person even if all he/she does is hurt you. Sometimes being in love makes us not think straight and never ever think of “leaving.”

  2. You’re right…it’s very difficult…especially when you have invested so much emotion and time with a person. Love can be blind and we may simply be in denial when it comes to negative behavior/characteristics of one’s friend, partner or relation.

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