The value of education

Ever since I could remember I wanted to attend college…I craved knowledge—to soak in as much as I possible could.  Mom and dad bought the Childcraft encyclopedia series which my young mind devoured.

Being the oldest, I always felt the pressure to set the example,being the typical 1st born overachiever.  I had to ensure that any of my actions or inactions did not warrant any criticism from my parents due to having 2 younger siblings.

I strived for perfection and that also included obtaining a college education.

But my thirst for knowledge didn’t end there. I also sought out additional military schooling and ended up earning 3 (very different) job types. Thankfully this has proven career saving especially now when the Army has been mandated to downsize its force and those individuals who are double-slotted in a particular job type are having to find new homes…which also included me.

Though I would much rather stick with the personnel side of things am finding that my military occupation skill (MOS) of 35F (Intelligence Analyst) is in high demand because of our current political situation.

I can never stress enough to young people how important it is to value a good education. To take the time (and initiative) to start planning out your life.

Before you know it you will be facing adult problems and life circumstances that warrant having a well-rounded background. The key is finding something which fits your passion.  When you do that, it’s not so hard to work that 9-5. 🙂

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