It’s a matter of principle…

prin·ci·ple  (prns-pl)


1. A basic truth, law, or assumption: the principles of democracy.

a. A rule or standard, especially of good behavior: a man of principle.
b. The collectivity of moral or ethical standards or judgments: a decision based on principle rather than expediency.
3. A fixed or predetermined policy or mode of action.
4. A basic or essential quality or element determining intrinsic nature or characteristic behavior: the principle of self-preservation.
5. A rule or law concerning the functioning of natural phenomena or mechanical processes: the principle of jet propulsion.
6. Chemistry One of the elements that compose a substance, especially one that gives some special quality or effect.
7. A basic source. See Usage Note at principal.


in principle

With regard to the basics: an idea that is acceptable in principle.
on principle

According to or because of principle.
Pretty much all of us have heard this phrase used before but has it lost it’s meaning. From politics to every day life it seems individual credibility, even a government agency such as GSA have lost their ideals, morals, honor and integrity.
When we hold people accountable for their actions it means something…it means that they must abide by the natural law of things…that every action has a reaction–a consequence if you will.
How many of you have known people (because let’s face us most of us are detached from these huge governmental entities) whose character seems to be lacking?  What they say doesn’t necessarily mean it’s what they actually do.  They sneak behind your back doing things (if caught) would most certainly end a relationship.
None of us are guilt free…we all have told little white lies in order not to hurt someone’s feelings but when do those lies (and even the darkest of secrets) create an ethical quandary?
Is it all really then a matter of principle?

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