Anger Management

How many of you out there have a difficulty keeping your temper in check?

And how many of you tend to internalize yours???

I tend to fall in the latter and am quite adept at control.  Am not the type of person who likes to display anger…for you see–when done often enough it can lose it’s impact.

You have to pick and choose your battles. Nagging does NOT help neither does being passive aggressive.  Both tactics are sure to fail. 

Trust me, I know…Sometimes it’s difficult to keep a temper in check, especially if you think you are being taken advantage of. 

Though I like to think of myself as being a fair/nice person, people may think they can “get one over” on me when in fact they don’t realize what the consequences can be: which is I won’t tolerate deceit or being taken advantage of. That’s a sure way to lose my respect and eventually cut all ties.

We all get frustrated over tense situations but shouting, name calling, finger pointing…it gets you no where.  What you should do (if you are capable) is to try to think clearly..yeah hard at times 🙂 but seriously it’s needed because you dont’ want to end up using your emotions to control or hurt others.

In the end it’s all about compromise as long as you aren’t the one who is saddled with giving up your control.


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