Simply for the joy…

My sister gave me some solid advice the other day regarding all this free time I have while my S.O. is on the graveyard shifts.  Instead of feeling sorry for myself because we cannot always be together as we would like my sister suggested I try one of the many meet up groups in Saint Louis. Chicago also has them and since my sister’s husband tends to work late summer hours she has made friends and connections through these types of groups.

Because writing has been my lifelong passion I decided to find out if any of the Meet Up Saint Louis groups catered to aspiring writers like myself.

Sure enough they did and I plan on contacting them to join.  I know my craft still needs some tweaking because let’s face it…most of us are not natural-born Hemingways or Bronte’s.  (But God I wish I were!)

The gist of this post is simply to point out…instead of feeling bad that you can’t be with your partner find ways to make the time worth while. Enjoy those moments of solitude but at the same time find productive ways to spend your creative energy.

Saint Louis Writers Meet Up Group

Welcome to the oldest, largest, most well-established Meetup of writers in the St. Louis metropolitan area!

Our core value is this: writers are people who write, period. Everything else is purely extra.

Do you have a story in your heart you’re dying to tell but need some guidance about the art and craft of writing to start it?

Are you in the ponderous middles, losing steam halfway through your first draft and fighting for the motivation to finish?

Have you completed that glorious first draft of the Great American Novel and would like to workshop it to get some positive, helpful feedback?

Do you want to hone your writing skills and participate in a writing workshop that has been critiquing monthly drafts for over five years?

Then you’ve come to the best group! All of our members are dedicated to the art and craft of story-telling, and we take our core value seriously: we are writers, people who write.


Meetup Agenda:
1) Introductions (and collect dues)
2) Monthly Draft Critiques (completely voluntary)
3) Roundtable Discussion on a new topic each month


I don’t mind a few quiet nights here and there but at times it can emotionally drain you because well…..we are social creatures and crave human interaction. At the same time I know I relish my solititude….I know I do and was trying to figure out what to do with all this free time. 

So thanks to my dear sister for opening up a potential of possibilities!


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