Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.
Brian Tracy

Communication, as anyone can tell you…is crucial for a healthy relationship, especially when you are unable to spend healthy amounts of quality time with your partner.

When you initially meet, all good intentions are that you will do whatever you can to ensure your partner’s happiness.  Both of you are caught up in the euphoria of romance.

What the poets, dreamers, writers fail to convey is that a lasting relationship takes hard work. A lot of it, in order for the two of you to survive.  Sometimes it isn’t easy when you can go days without seeing your partner except maybe in your dreams when they come home late at night but take solace in that they are coming home to you, that they still love you….that he/she is being a responsible good provider.

It’s also important to note the two of you are hopefully on the same wavelength when it comes to keeping the lines open when you can’t be with them up close and personal every day as you would like.

Keep the romance alive with phone calls, texts, emails, sweet notes (even naughty ones) because silence is a real killer.

Many women complain that their partner is shut off from their emotions, doesn’t like to talk about their day, what’s eating at them….for whatever reason. The key is timing….don’t diluge them with a hundred questions as soon as they walk in the door. I work full-time and even I need to unwind after a trying day.

I cannot stress enough how communication compatibility is important for a relationship to stand the test of time especially when it comes to not being available every single day as you would hope.

And when you are together, make the most of it and remember..never take what you have for granted.


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