A state of limbo

Have any one of you questioned your faith? 

Wondered why you believe the way you do and if you have doubts do you think about leaving?

I was pretty much born a Roman Catholic. Baptized at around 6 months and went to Mass on a regular schedule. Mom is a devout Latina Catholic and she brought up her children to respect God and the church.

However, through the years I’ll be the first to admit I have questioned the Catholic teachings especially confession. I simply don’t understand how people can go to the confessional and request forgiveness. There are two types of sins:  mortal and venial.

According to A Guide for Confession a mortal sin is:

…a deadly offense against God, so horrible that it destroys the life of grace in the soul. Three simultaneous conditions must be fulfilled for a mortal sin: 1) the act must be something very serious; 2) the person must have sufficient understanding of what is being done; 3) the person must have sufficient freedom of the will.

Now, it makes me wonder how many people are truly sorry for their sins?  Or do they simply go through the motions but in their heart they know that they’ll be committing it again later? Isn’t that hypocrisy….especially when you KNOW it can be prevented.

So what happens to those of us who aren’t hypocrites, we know we will commit the sin again (am not talking about the really vile stuff) but then I guess even that could be relative…..all of this becomes so convoluted you don’t know what to believe in any more!!



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