The Race Issue

“Our true nationality is mankind.”
H.G. Wells

It’s well-known about the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.  I am not here to prejudge what happened when George Zimmerman shot that young man.

What I want to discuss is the delicate US race issue. 

Many times I have discussed racism on this blog. From my own experience to personal observations.  It greatly saddens me that many people still judge one another by the color of their skin when it’s actions that count.

I will never understand the deep-rooted hatred some blacks and whites have against each other here ever since the colonial era. Generalizing an entire group of people is simply wrong.

The institution of slavery set the tone for black/white relations for generations to come.  It has become the US’ Achilles Heel. Unfortunately it seems that there is still no answer as to how to overcome this blight in American history. 

My daughter is half African-American and she too has faced racism and have taught her from the time she could understand that we are all the same, it’s just the outside which provides our humane uniqueness. 

How we treat others reflects greatly on our character, our spiritual strength and our ability to be compassionate.

Unfortunately racial divisions still do exist, especially in Urban America as does racial profiling.  Those of us who are white, When we see a black man on the streets or even one who “looks Arab” what is our first impression?  This is what I mean when racism has become engrained in our society.

I have blood relatives mixed with African besides my daughter.  Slavery was also a factor in Puerto Rico’s history.

A good book to read is Racial Formation in the United States: From the 1960s to the 1990s. Involves groundbreaking research on racial theories and racial dynamics and evolution of ideologies in the United States and the Clinton Administration’s foothold for change.

I have always viewed the United States as the largest social experiment. We have individuals from all ethnic groups, religions, and ideologies.  A true melting pot with distinct flavors.  It’s a huge responsibility for each and every one of us to be productive citizens and to bond together in nationalistic fervor.  However, when we continue to hold on to archaic beliefs about each other, we will never progress as we should as a nation.


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