Loving someone and being “in love” with someone are world’s apart. So when you find that person you have fallen in love with—-embrace it for all it is worth because trust me, such a thing is priceless.



2 thoughts on “LOVE……….

  1. Would have agreed with you, but from what you wrote it shows if “you” are only in-love with the person. That is a problem really, I know many people who were in-love with their other half but the other half was either not into commitment or didn’t really understand what “being in-love” means and left that person.

    I had my share of knowing what “love” is. I used to believe being loved is good enough until when I needed that love to be shown in action, not words. If having lots of people who love you can’t do anything when you are feeling really low and start lecturing you instead of helping you, I am sorry but I can’t see being in-love any different.

  2. True…I think both partners have to have that feeling…it’s such a rush. You have to have that “being in love” sensation. Along with compassion and understanding and perserverence a relationship can work if BOTH parties are willing to move forward together.

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