Being in love with your best friend

There are those who pass like ships in the night, who meet for a moment, then sail out of sight with never a backward glance of regret, folks we know briefly then quickly forget. Then there are friends who sail together, through quiet waters and stormy weather, helping each other though joy and through strife. And they are the kind who give meaning to life.
By: Unknown

What can I say? When you fall in love…romantic love your heart is filled with illusions of grandeur…the breathless moments, starry eyes.

But falling in love with your best friend…that’s a lifetime commitment and one of a solid foundation.  You work together as a team to get through tough moments and rejoice together when life is good.

I cannot think of anything better than waking up to the man I call my best friend, my confidant who is there for me when times are tough…to hold my hand when am feeling low.

It’s a wonderful feeling to see him, knowing that we chose each other…that we are able to count on one another—being there for all of life moments

……….you take a chance on love, you have to be fearless in order to open yourself up to the endless possibilities….

Some people come into our lives and quickly go.  Some stay for a while, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never, ever the same.  ~Flavia Weedn,


2 thoughts on “Being in love with your best friend

  1. It isn’t because the relationship is so intense, very multi-dimensional but at the same time when you are in this type of relationship (one would hope) that you also like them. You can love people (I believe) and not necessarily like them (think of some family members perhaps)….having a solid friendship in place, at least for me can be a solid foundation for a long lasting and fulfilling relationship

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