IS there a god?

I always believed.  Since a child it’s like I could feel His presence and this knowledge gave me sweet comfort…that’s what happens when you view the world through the eyes of an innocent.
And as we grow older and are faced with life’s troubles we question His existence. Experiencing the woes of life such as death, divorce, sickness, even self-doubt, it can be quite heart wrenching at times.
A friend of mine relayed a story about a 12-year-old boy in Tell City, Indiana who suffers from liver cancer.  His cancer has now spread to his lungs and other parts of the body.  The boy, as from what I have heard, has kept a positive attitude throughout the surgeries and chemo. His only wish was to live to see 13. Currently his prognosis is very grim. 
Situations like this make me wonder how a loving God can allow such a thing to happen?
Can’t he simply cure this little boy? Something so miraculous to save him and his family from such suffering? Many thoughts run through my mind when I envision the agony his parents must feel and this boy knowing he won’t live to reach manhood, graduate from high school, fall in love and get married.
So, how do people keep going? What is it within then to keep believing?
When times are difficult, I try to think positive, to realize there is a loving God and everything happens to us for a reason. That the miracle of life is a testament to God’s love.  I see the wonderous acts of man who DO occur even in strife….I try keeping the faith alive in me even when there are times I simply want to give up.

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