The Moral Compass

Everyone (at least I should hope) has one of these…something which internally guides us to do what’s right. 
What I have found through the years and from leaving a very sheltered life growing up in the country, is that not everyone listens to theirs and perhaps some individuals out there are lacking.
As the saying goes:  “karma is a bitch” and if you go around intentionally hurting others simply to satisfy your own desires/whims one day..maybe tomorrow, maybe years from now, but life will somehow find a way to return the favor so to speak.
It’s a harsh reality out there. Not everyone is going to live their life by an honor code.  I think that’s too much to expect from the dregs of humanity. Perhaps it’s nature trying to balance itself out..who knows but from my own world travels and personal experiences I have seen people at their worst and thankfully at their best.
Some individuals have lost their way and need a little extra guidance to get back on track.  Some just do not have a good conscience and only act upon what’s best for them, what pleases them….the outcome of their actions has no bearing on their decision-making process and no matter how much you try to help in the end you only find yourself being disappointed.
So why waste your time????
If a person wants to live their life a certain way who am I to object?  The only thing I ask is to not include me in it since it doesn’t fit into what I call my “life plan.”

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