House cleaning as therapy

Some people exercise (and I will do that) for stress. Me? Well, I also like to clean and get rid of things I haven’t used in some time.  Busy work.

There’s something about cleaning that makes me feel good inside.  There are also items I have not used in a long time so why let it gather dust? We can’t take it with us so why let it clutter up your home?

 According to the article, Cleaning your home is the new therapy

Research maintains that a clean house makes people feel happy, satisfied, comfortable and healthy. The According to Carol Nemeroff, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University, spring cleaning may have been in existence for ages. This psychological boost may be derived from a satisfied urge to clean out our nests.

And it’s true…after I’m finished, especially with some heavy cleaning, man I feel really great

Perhaps I’ve worked out the stress, directed my feelings into making my home look better and ultimately I do feel better.



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