Having a positive attitude

I have examined people who have lived long productive lives and the common denominator (to me) is your life outlook.

Sure we are ALL going to be faced with difficult decisions and situations however it’s how we face these obstacles which determines our quality of life.

My abuela’s life was certainly not easy. She was illiterate, didn’t drive, and for most of her life lived in poverty.

However,  she raised 12 kids and my abuelo passed in 1974. Single-handedly she gave rise to very productive children who have contributed back in so many ways. She doled out sound advice and was always ready to laugh.  One of the strongest women I will ever know. She scrimped and saved on her war widow’s pension and social security to buy her own home.  I will always admire her.

I look at Americans who complain about their lot in life and wonder if perhaps it is their attitude which brought them down.  You cannot simply give up on yourself. You fight, you fight for what you believe in, believe in yourself and if one door closes (as the saying goes) you go through the window.

At times we want everything to happen now. America seems to be fixated on their problems being solved within a sitcom minute and that’s not how life works.

Patience is a virtue…

So is a good attitude….

Nothing is impossible unless it’s completely out of your hands. You need to find a way of making life circumstance work for you.


3 thoughts on “Having a positive attitude

  1. We live in a very short-term, short-sighted world. From Wall Street (what’s the immediate ROI), to Washington (get it done before the next election), our lives truly are consumed by the now. Thanks for posting this, Janet. It’s good to be reminded that life is about the journey and not the destination.

  2. Thanks Gil…at times I get frustrated about life events….but I don’t give up. Example: When I had to go to my Congressman to get back into the Army after a six year break I didn’t give up. If something is that important to you, you find a way…you exhaust all available resources that are available to you.

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