Keeping your perspective


per·spec·tive  (pr-spktv)



a. A view or vista.
b. A mental view or outlook: “It is useful occasionally to look at the past to gain a perspective on the present” (Fabian Linden).
2. The appearance of objects in depth as perceived by normal binocular vision.

a. The relationship of aspects of a subject to each other and to a whole: a perspective of history; a need to view the problem in the proper perspective.
b. Subjective evaluation of relative significance; a point of view: the perspective of the displaced homemaker.
c. The ability to perceive things in their actual interrelations or comparative importance: tried to keep my perspective throughout the crisis.
4. The technique of representing three-dimensional objects and depth relationships on a two-dimensional surface.


Of, relating to, seen, or represented in perspective.

All of us can be overwhelmed by life circumstance.  We all fight daily battles with ourselves, coworkers, family and friends.  These battles can wear you down both emotionally and physically.

Take small bites out of the situation if digesting the entirety is too much….then you can gain a little bit of perspective on how to handle the situation. Sometimes when we look at the bigger picture it can be overwhelming.

We all are always going to have them. Life is chock full of such moments.

But if you let these daily problems take over you can end up more stressed than need be, or even sick.  Ensure that you eat healthy meals and though I am bad at this…sometimes our bodies will shut down under too much stress to the point where eating is the last thing on our minds.

But you have to think about the alternative, not eating means you lose strength, are susceptible to illness.  Take the time to mentally unplug.  If you like to read do it, go to a quiet place. I know of someone who enjoys his time alone out in the woods and he can gather his thoughts and simply get away which for me is a healthy thing to do.

Talk to close friends whose advice you trust and have a positive attitude, they can help keep you grounded.  The key is not to isolate yourself so much that you are overwhelmed.

Also remember communication is vital whether it be at your job or any relationship dynamic you are into you have to keep the lines open.

At 20 we worry about what others think of us, at 40, we don’t care what they think of us, and at 60, we find out others haven’t been thinking about us at all. – Bob Hope


Baby…it’s all about perspective



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