I miss you

You know when you really care/love someone when they are not around when you want them to be.

Could be their job, deployment, distance…whatever…but listen…..have you ever taken your significant other for granted…gotten so used to them always being around when you want them to be that when they aren’t it feels alien?

It’s selfish to feel this way but at least it also shows you how much you deeply care about having this other person in your life. 

It’s a hard process…at times you have to do things on your own, shopping, paying bills, going out with friends or simply watching the tele with just yourself and some Don Q, very difficult but you learn to adjust and though at times adjustment can be a very agonizing slow process know that your partner loves you, they also think about you and will eventually return to your arms. Hopefully both are understanding about the process…that with patience the separation will work itself out because in the end…after all is said and done…they chose to love you and that simply says it all.

Just never take them for granted.


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