Sometimes you are confronted with life situations which brings out the worst in your personality.  I pride myself in keeping my decorum and not letting anyone “get me down.”

However, I am only human and sometimes I can break.

I don’t consider myself fragile because I have been through the wringer in life and always managed somehow to come out on top and to have a positive attitude.

However, sometimes you can be so overwhelmed by life circumstance that you can’t help but bite back.  My bite can be a bit nasty so that’s another reason I try to control my temper. 

For one:

1. I don’t like to be taken advantage of (hell who does?) but some people think they can.

2. Though I usually come off as laid back, (in which I am) doesn’t mean I am a pushover.

3. Don’t think because I have good control of my temper doesn’t mean it won’t come out once in a while.

The key is not to let anyone push you down so far that they end up making you disgrace yourself because the only one making you do that is yourself.


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