Today was significant for me. I raised my hand yet again pledging my oath to my country for another 3 years.  I don’t know what those years will bring. What I do know is if I decided to ETS in July I would have seriously felt a big part of myself would be missing. I have served in the military almost all of my adult life. I don’t know anything else to be.

I mulled over this decision for a few months. I thought about what the future might bring such as deployment and how it would affect my family and those closest to me. In the end I realized that if I left it would have been a big loss both emotionally and financially.  I am almost to the home stretch towards retirement. And if I am deployed there are various benefits for myself and family members.

The first time I swore my allegiance I was 17, remembered had tears in my eyes. Now at 43 am still touched but there are no tears. A tad jaded but still realize the significance of pledging my life to the country I still love so very much.


2 thoughts on “Reenlistment

  1. I remember when I was out for a few years and I missed being in the military so much. Army was always in my blood. I bleed green. 😉

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