Letting things go…

How many of you hold on to grudges?

And what does that do to you?

Do you let it fester deep inside, letting it affect your daily mood? 

You search for ways to belittle or to remind the person who is the object of your discontent of how much they have hurt you?

How much of your personal time is spent letting this wound fester?  Is it doing you any good?

Better yet, if that person is making you so miserable why the hell do you continue to keep them in your life? Wouldn’t it better to let go? Or is the possibility of not having that person in your life worse than festering the wound?

Either way it’s your choice.


3 thoughts on “Letting things go…

  1. Easier said than done.

    All my life, I would forgive anyone who did anything horrible to me because I always had someone else who would be there for me and not hurt me as badly. (Let us face it, everyone hurts us even if it was a little) Until I was forced to the UK for 4 years, I had a grudge that lived in me for so long and it ruined my mood until this day. All the people I love and held dear to me left me all alone, to feel horrible and deal with problems that were not my fault, just because I said “I don’t want to study or be in the UK and I hate it” and apparently, everyone goes there and no matter what I say I will be forced to be there.

    After 4 years, they just came back as if they did NOTHING to me that was painful and they were always here for me. I can’t forget all the things they said and did in those past 4 years but they didn’t have any trouble forgetting everything I said. Even now, if I say something they will forget it in less than 2 days and will keep asking me the same questions over and over but remember what others say. This makes me feel like they don’t really care about me and are just acting as if they do. Am I over thinking things? Yes I am, but I have nothing better to do. The life that I always strived for is only a dream now that will never come true. I learned from this that no one really cares about me if I am in pain or hurting, but they care if I am all happy and smiling.

  2. I think it might depend on what issue is at stake. Sometimes we can forget things someone tells us without meaning to, and in the end it’s best simply to sit and talk to this person, find out what’s going on. I think holding a grudge can eat at you and make you both mentally and phyiscally sick. People will stay in unhealthy relationships because they are too afraid to confront the person in question.

    • I agree, however sometimes they think they are always right and the other doesn’t understand, even though the other person have been explaining the reasons why he/she is doing this or saying that. I confronted the people for more than 2 years yet, the outcome was either the same or worse. Problem is, what they were doing was affecting ME and I had no power to change it unless they accepted it.

      I do agree holding a grudge can eat someone up and make them feel much worse. I am kinda still in that boat and I don’t think I will be able to leave it anytime soon because I can see the difference in how things are for me and everyone else.

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