The Games People Play

Is it just me or do people make falling in love or staying in a relationship difficult?
I always thought that high school head games were normally left at well, high school. 
Why do adults bring that crap into “real life?”
Married couples complain because their spouse doesn’t do enough for them, or they act in a passive aggressive manner in order to get their way. And yeah, this happens in other relationships also (family, friends, lovers)
Is it me or does all of that seem a little bit childish?
Personally, I don’t have time to babysit anyone and I certainly don’t have the time to play childish games of chance with anyone who is unsure whether or not I am the right fit for them.
Dating can be both a frustrating and exhilarating experience but both parties need to go in with clear heads, no hidden agendas and no heavy baggage.  I totally get it that people my age will come with some baggage but why is it others seem to come with more than the average load? What gives?  What is so hard about letting go of past mistakes????
I am of the school of thought is if it’s broke and you tried fixing it and it ain’t gonna get fix then it’s time to throw the garbage out. 

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