Life begins at 40

Me at 40

Many years ago I thought about where my life’s path would lead me.  I wonder what I would look like at 40 (now 43) and I realize that it isn’t all that bad.  I am an accomplished author, well-educated and diverse individual.

It’s a shame that as women age we are tagged with such unattractive labels as “old maid” or “dowdy” while men, on the other hand, are viewed as being “distinguished.”

What gives?

I am sure people are referring to the fact that kids are grown up, we have reached the peak of our professional careers, homes are almost paid off (if not already) and retirement is a few years away…well, for some anyway…. 🙂

I personally feel that women of my generation have risen above such stereotypes that our mothers were slapped with.

From BBC News:

If life begins at 40 then what are we for the other 39 years?
Steve Tinky, UK

“Life is what you make it” – at any age! You only get one chance, so the secret is to make the best of it! You’re as young as you feel!
At 40, you can still have many aspects of youth, and this along with experience on your side, always helps. I was surprised to find that I was able to outrun some apparently “fit” teenagers. I’m 44 and training for a Marathon!
Phil W, UK

I don’t necessarily subscribe to the old addage that life begins at 40…I just feel that there are more adventures to be had and wonderful memories to cherish……age is just a number. Attitude is everything.


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