WHERE’S the thrill?

Let’s face it, sometimes we want more out of our lives than simply the 9-5 and looking forward to a weekend without demands.

Hell, I do.

There’s times I want to pack up and leave everything and everyone behind…forget the responsibilities, forget my ties, my roots and head off to parts unknown a vagabond of the world, arms open wide ready to accept any adventures coming my way.
That’s how it was at 17. I wanted to forget Indiana, forget my family, and find out who “I” was and was meant to be. You know…the possibilities of me….
And at 43 I still wonder at times what’s my potential?  God, this life of ours….how precious it is…and I see people squandering it all the time on drugs, promiscuity, dead end jobs, (you get the picture)
And I wonder where’s the thrill? Where is this zest for life?
Man oh man how I longed to travel, to pick my way through life trying to find meaning to it all.  I think about the years I have left and hope they are good ones.  I think about who I can share this with….you can become privy to my world.  Can he accept me as I am?  Will he love me despite my faults and journey down the road together come what may?
Have you ever become so complacent in your life you forget what living’s for?

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