Being of mixed “race”

I have previously mentioned on this blog my experiences with racism and finding my identity.  Being of mixed race has its positive and negatives. Positives being I have two countries to be proud of (being 1st generation born in America) and being of Puerto Rican/Irish decent is always a nice conversational topic.
From the Wiki:

The terms multiracial and mixed-race describe people whose ancestries come from multiple races. Unlike the term biracial, which often is only used to refer to having parents or grandparents of two different races, the term multiracial may encompass biracial people but can also include people with more than two races in their heritage, or also may refer to the origin of more generationally distant genetic admixtures of more than one race in a person’s DNA.

However, those of us who come from two distinct cultures can at times find it difficult to “blend in” into this American melting pot.  We are pulled into 2 different directions, loyalty to the country we were born and raised in and loyalty to a culture with strong familial ties.
When you are here in the states there are people who consider you less than human and have a difficult time “categorizing” you. And when you are in Puerto Rico some don’t even consider you a Hispanic but more of a gringa….it’s like being in limbo.
So, you grow up fighting for what you believe in, to prove yourself (yet why should you ever have to?) and simply trying to find your personal niche in this world to call your own, irregardless of your heritage.  I know that I love who I am, I enjoy my extended family and am comfortable from where I come from.

2 thoughts on “Being of mixed “race”

  1. I have always had a deep fascination with Native Americans. I also feel that they are a very beautiful people. Rich culture, rich history. Sad also in many aspects but they defintely were the caregivers of this land.

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