Is marriage right for me?

When I was much younger I wanted to get married. I thought I wouldn’t be complete without having a husband.

And when I became a single parent I realized that I didn’t need a man to make my life complete. I had my daughter.

However, though I do love my child I always felt like something special (outside of motherhood) was missing.

I missed being a couple, holding hands, spending the holidays with someone special. Then I wondered if marriage was the right thing for me? I have seen many couples bicker over the silliest of things, complaints complaints oh my GOD the complaints!

I began to doubt whether or not marriage was the right thing for me. I didn’t want to be with someone who saw me as more of an obligation, duty….whatever happened to couples simply appreciating each other..not taking the other for granted? Because it seems to me once you say the “I Do’s” then you start hearing the “I won’t…I don’t…” just so much negativity connected.

Makes me wonder if these people truly appreciate this Holy Sacrament. Do they see getting married as simply part of the life process and not as something so special, and unique for that couple?

Why get married if you honestly feel like you might not be able to make it work? Not realizing that loving someone IS work!!!

Well, it is but you can still have fun while committed.  It’s all about your perspective, your attitude…loving the person despite their faults and finding ways to make it through this life together as friends, lovers, confidants…..

Marriage is right for me when it’s with the person I choose to be my life partner, time traveler…he will be my equal, best friend, my confident, and lover.


2 thoughts on “Is marriage right for me?

  1. I believe marriage is not “work” or an “obligation.” It WAS about two people, who love each other so much and want to be together forever. You do find those couples around nowadays, but rarely.

    I met some people who got married for physical reasons or (which is the worst part ever) is to make their soul mate to work for them and treat them like kings/queens. Love is not a give and take relationship, not for everyone anyway, but you have to respect the other and not treat them like a maid.

    I know some get married just to have a child. That is the worst thing ever! Why? What if the couple break up? How would the child feel? Not all children can adapt with not having a mother or a father. Some feel down but can live with it.

    I think before entering marriage, everyone has to make a list of reasons WHY they want to get married and if they can REALLY keep it alive as much as they can.

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