What am I worth?

As I travel through time and my once youthful face begins to change will you think of me differently?

As my gait begins to slow, and you turn to see I am not there….will you love me any less?

And as my memories begin to fade and I begin to live in the now….will you learn to forget me too?

2 thoughts on “What am I worth?

  1. WOW, kinda hits home, both my great-grandmother and my grandmother were so sharp, then as they got into their 70’s they only knew a select few people. Thank God they both knew my right up to the end.


  2. Thank you, my Puerto Rican grandmother is currently in the hospital. She will be 92 this year and I see how her life affects so many. I also look at couples today who place so much emphasis on looks and not what’s inside the person….

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