Sometimes life can really throw us a curve ball.

We have to realize that we cannot control other people’s actions but we can control how we react to them. But in the end never lose your dignity or sense of self-worth because in this life we gotta keep it real.

If you THINK you can control someone to fit what you consider is your ideal or to make them love you, then you’re dead wrong. We can only control how we react to others. You have to make the conscientious choice of either moving forward or letting go.  As long as you know you gave 100% of yourself and you did nothing wrong then at least you have the satisfaction of knowing you were in the clear. 

Sometimes people think they can control their partner’s actions to make them love them more, or if their partner is afraid of losing you they may do some erratic things that doesn’t fit into what you think a relationship should be like or even makes sense. That’s when you have to take the time to sit and listen, see what is going on and if the person continues to do the same thing over and over…then they become what I call toxic. 

At this point…..nothing you can say or do will ever make them change.

But you can change yourself and that’s by leaving. 

Life is short, embrace the good and remember no one will love you more than how you love yourself.


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