An incident at work had me thinking about this.

Sometimes it can be a dirty “four letter word” because this is one thing a lot of people take issue with when it comes to relationships.

Depending on when you were last single and what happened to you will depend on how deeply (or not) you trust the next person.

I have found that the American people…at least when it comes to relationships, have a trust issue…and frankly are quite cynical.

I am of the mindset I will trust you upfront/face value until you give me a reason not to and then and only then will you have to work at it to earn it back. This applies to everyone I have a relationship with family friends…get the picture.

It isn’t about never trusting that person again but it’s about the person having honor and integrity in the relationship they choose to have with me. Trust is a privilege not a right.  I always do my best to remain honest and to respect the relationship I am in.  I expect the same in return and people who know me know this.  Too bad this isn’t practiced by all.  I have seen complete devestation from friends whose hearts have been broken because of there expectations being dragged through the mud.

Some people say they don’t trust anyone, it has to be earned but to automatically mistrust everyone you meet is too stressful to even contemplate.

If Americans did not have trust issues why is the divorce rate so high?

Why are there shows like “Baggage” and talk shows with screaming relatives at each other’s throats? Seems like this is a topic Americans (and frankly the world) are fascinated with.

Trust…it’s a priceless gift.


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