Are they Mr. or Ms. Right?

How do you know if the person you are dating is the right one for you?

  • Does your heart skip a beat when they enter the room?
  • Do you both see eye to eye on the most important issues?
  • Do you even like this person?
I have seen couples together who profess love however when you see them together you wonder if they even like each other?
I bet you have relatives or even friends out there with whom you hold fond affection but there’s a part of them you really cannot stand.  Maybe it’s a habit, or you both find yourselves bickering over the most mundane of issues…whatever it is you sometimes which they would simply disappear.  And we all know of some relative or friend who falls into this category.
What does your gut say? Are you more unhappy when together?  Because frankly if you are with someone who isn’t treating your right why in the world are you even wasting your time?
Love is meant to enjoyed, savored…it’s spellbounding all encompassing.  You cannot imagine your life without this person fitting into it somehow. (Now I am not advocating making this person your whole life…it isn’t healthy) but you still feel those tingly butterflies when they are around and you want to be a better person for it.
Love is a drug which can sustain us if we are in healthy relationships.  The key is finding someone who compliments you.  Their strengths can sustain your weaknesses as does yours.
Don’t simply stay with someone because you hate being lonely….especially with the holidays right around the corner. 

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