It’s not always about the money honey

How many of you out there are either married, living with someone or been dating for awhile have had money issues?
All of us right?
One of the top arguments among couples are money issues.  Either one partner is contributing more $$$ towards expenses

In this day and age, unless you are like in the 1% of Americans who can afford to keep a spouse at home most couples need two incomes to keep afloat.  And I am not talking about simply having luxury items/toys. The cost of living has skyrocketed, including college tuition and health care.
Anyone who plans to marry needs to have the financial talk before saying the “I do’s” it’s logical and hopefully NO surprises down the road.  I am 100% for having a house account (to pay the mortgage, utilities, insurance) and SEPARATE accounts for each spouse to do with what they will…..
When people fall in love they are blinded to such things as finances, kids, and setting priorities. Sure this all sounds so unromantic but what’s more unromantic than constant bickering over such issues?
Sure it’s not always about the money but having a solid financial foundation is paramount to making the relationship work.  Mutual understanding in this department is critical for emotional well-being. 
Trust me, I totally understand that money isn’t everything because we can’t take it with us but, if we are to live stress free lives we need to find a way to live within our means and this is doubly so when you have a spouse and children involved.  NOT discussing these issues prior to getting into a serious relationship is asking for trouble and frankly immature.
This article expounds upon more reasons why couples divorce and frankly they all make sense and I may elaborate further on these down the road

2 thoughts on “It’s not always about the money honey

  1. I recently got married and will admit that arguing about money is one of the only things we fuss about.
    People say money isn’t everything but it sure hold a lot of weight. If a couple is experiencing financial troubles, trust me all other areas in that relationship WILL suffer. Don’t believe any one who say otherwise.

  2. I am the type of person who hates to argue. I prefer to evaluate things in a more logical level (must be the Virgo in me) 🙂 but money is definitely one area which is a sore point with couples, especially if one is not working or makes less than their partner. I feel that such issues HAVE to discussed prior to moving in/marriage and hopefully that will help with settling matters. I am also for pre-nup as long as certain issues are in place such as if one spouse cheats then the pre-nup is null and void.

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