The American Work Ethic

Taken from Braun Consulting News:


Recent reports show U.S. workers place a high priority on quality-of-life issues, they are still the hardest-working labor force in the world. This fact tends to be in conflict with the stated desire of many workers who say their most important desire is for more time with their family.

I learned my work ethic from my parents.  My dad worked 16 hour days and mom was a dedicated housewife.  These people were the first exposure I had to responsibility.  They did their best with what they had.  When I became a parent I tried to instill upon my daughter how important it is to work hard but also to work smart.  With today’s workforce having to be better educated and techno-savvy it’s important to obtain a good education and to continue on with the American rep of having a good work ethic.

Though, I have to say having been exposed to 20-somethings (and this betrays my age) I have seen outright blatant disrespect and laziness.  Seems the younger generation have forgotten to give credit where credits due.  Am not saying everyone in that age group is like this but from what I have seen for myself I am floored.

I digress but it’s important to always provide the best quality of service and find a way to enjoy what you do.  Not everyone can have their dream job. Bills have to be paid. If you are able-bodied then you need to be out there looking for a job and make THAT your full-time job. Go back to school, find a skill, be motivated. Americans are known for their tenacity. 

Find a way to make your job work for you.


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