Remaining friends with the ex

I responded to a post regarding It’s the little things, and how remaining friends with an ex (at least for me) may not be such a good idea.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion and not everyone is going to agree with me and that’s fine. My response made me think about what the pros and cons are regarding past relationships and decided to elaborate.

I personally feel if you are unable to fix what is going wrong in your relationship (and your partner is not cooperating) then it’s best to move on…move on before things get nasty and bitter. 

Everyone crosses our life’s path for a reason. They all leave an imprint.

For me, to be respectful towards the next relationship I find myself in, I don’t think it’s a good idea to remain friends with someone with whom you have been intimate with.  I prefer to cut the cord and keep it clean.  No mess.

Am not sure why people decide to remain in touch, perhaps there was something in that person which they admire and wish to remain as friends and that’s their call but I know me, and I am not comfortable remaining friends with someone with whom I had intense feelings for or with whom I had a very personal relationship with. 

Some times these individuals may want to “start something up” in the future, perhaps holding on to a tentative tether of hope, that maybe their ex might “see the light” and want to get back together. 

For me that’s simply asking for trouble and if a person continues to communicate with their ex while in a new relationship it speaks of disrespect. 



2 thoughts on “Remaining friends with the ex

  1. I think it’s too painful because of the fact that the couple is no longer together. I don’t want a daily reminder of why I am not with this person. I have been the one to initiate a break up when I see that things have not worked out. Am not one to beat a dead horse to death so to speak. Life is short and there is always someone out there who will appreciate us for who and what we are. So why settle being with someone who is only half there or not at all?

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