It’s the little things…

Life is made up of small pleasures. Happiness is made up of those tiny successes. The big ones come too infrequently. And if you don’t collect all these tiny successes, the big ones don’t really mean anything.  Norman Lear

It’s the little things that count…as we are often fond of hearing and it’s the little things which can break us apart.

How many of us have often wished our partner would take more time in the relationship to perform little acts of kindess…something as simple as making you coffee in the morning, rubbing your back, a little note of “am thinking of you.”
All of these little things can add up to so much–can make a person’s day and doesn’t cost a thing.
And it’s amazing what may be thought of as an insignificant comment can affect an individual’s entire demeanor.  I have often seen in married couples the nit picking which goes on, from leaving the toothpaste cap undone to not picking up after oneself and the resentment festers….
Sometimes what may seem as harmless nagging (for that’s the way I see it–not harmless but more of a nagging irritance) can really be a symptom of some greater disease.
Perhaps your partner spends most of their time pursuing other endeavors (such as their job or a hobby) which takes them away from you and they forget to do the little things to keep the relationship moving forward. And relationships are w.o.r.k.…whoever said loving someone was easy well…..I would like to see how they did it.
I have found the happiest of couples are also each other’s best friend.
And how many of us have people we love but well….don’t like?
So we find excuses not to be around them, we forget to do the little things which can make them happy and ultimately each other.  Instead of appreciating what they have….they become so microscopic in their mannerism, that what may seem insignificant has built up momentum into something much greater and darker.
Never forget to do the small things for yourself, for your partner. It will add up in the end to something much greater: peace of mind.

3 thoughts on “It’s the little things…

  1. I remember when one of my exes bought me this DVD (“Matilda”) because of a comment I made about the movie. I thought it was sweet because it showed that he was listening. Anyway, he’s no longer in my life, but we’re still friends and I still have the movie …

  2. I personally don’t remain friends with ex’s because it may cause problems in any future relationship that I may be in but it’s good to end things in pleasent terms. Am a firm believer if things are not working out and if you know you have done everything you can to fix the problem and it’s still there best to move on. But the little things in life can mean so much no matter how insignificant the act may appear to others.

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