The Relationship Curse

Don’t make someone a priority in your life when you are only an option in theirs.

The Ace in the hole

I have read this quote before and it holds true in any type of relationship.  Think for a moment back to when you first started dating…how the two of you couldn’t get enough of each other…that their presence filled you with so much joy–you bent over backwards to prove yourself to them.

Then fast forward to months maybe years down the road…are the same feelings still there (the butterflies, the urge to put your best foot forward?) Or has all of this dimished because you two became “used to” each other…feelings are taken for granted or perhaps—-bordeom has set in.
Part of this stems from being in a committed relationship and the long-term seems to stretch out into eternity.  People want zest, excitement something to spur them forward and remain interested. But like it or not we are habitual creatures and will fall into predictable patterns. It’s the nature of the beast…how we are.  We just have to learn how to compensate and value what we do have.
As I have discussed many times on this blog through the years, when you are in a relationship it takes work. 
And if you feel like you cannot commit to this…………………it’s better to be single.
At times you will need external help to keep the relationship moving (though some people will fight tooth and nail) such as seeing a counselor or even your pastor.  Maybe friends and family could give advice but make sure it isn’t the type which is really for their best interest and not you and your partner’s.  Sometimes friends and family can intentionally sabotage and other times have good intentions. In the end it is your responsibility to figure out what to do.
If your partner has found other priorities in their life which doesn’t include you, you need to question your role in this relationship and if you feel like you are being squeezed out…save yourself time and more grief by confronting them and if they refuse to change then it’s best to let go.
Trust me, there are people out there who will appreciate everything that you are.

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