Love & Games

I was reading this article from ivillage on how to be a great girlfriend and this one stood out among the rest:

She never turns on the pressure. This one is important. Men have a distinct aversion to any sort of pressure, says Daily. Therefore, women should avoid calling and/or emailing him many times during the day or dropping hints about the future. In fact, keep the dreaded M-word (marriage) out of your vocabulary all together. “Men don’t want to constantly take the pulse of a relationship,” says Daily. “They would rather just enjoy it.”

Then again…depends on what kind of relationship you have and if you and your partner are ok with it.  There’s a fine balance between playing games with your significant other and trying to find a balance. 
There is a plethora of dating/marital advice out there which can seem overwhelming.  Depends on what you are looking for and what (at least for me) spells out “common sense.”
One thing I  highly advise is not to play games with your mate. 
It might end up blowing up in your face down the road.
Simply assess the current situation you are in and tailor it to fit your relationship style.  Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.  
Trust me, you can’t keep the act up for long and it doesn’t bode well….the best thing in any type of partnership is to simply be honest with one another and with that comes respect. Never forget who and what you were prior to meeting your partner and try to enjoy the ride. 🙂

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