Striving for perfection

Who doesn’t want  a perfect life?

No worries, no obstacles in your way…everthing goes according to plan.

But that’s fantasy…not real life.

I am a “Plan B” type of person. Having a contingency plan in place means accepting and UNDERSTANDING things may not always go your way. Of course you will do whatever you can to ensure that your plans follow through but don’t throw a fit when they don’t. (Sometimes easier said than done)…but when you don’t have a contigency plan in place it means you are setting yourself up for dissapointment.

A perfect example of this is when I had to leave active duty and went into the reserves.  I wanted to become a Commissioned Officer, do my 20 and then work for a federal agency.  I am currently looking at attending leadership school and putting in for Warrant Officer.  At 43 some might say am crazy but I tend to be stubborn and will continue down this path until I know I have exhausted all my resources. I don’t believe in giving up.

Striving for perfection in relationships can be a set up for failure.  Not everyone is going to have the ideal.  Meaning, at times you will be disappointed. However, in handling such dissapointment you should have a partner who is open to communication and able to “roll with the punches” right along with you. If everything has to be their way and there is no compromise what does that say about his/her character?

It isn’t healthy.

When we strive for perfection we are also bettering ourselves but don’t be so blinded by the journey that you don’t stop and smell the roses along the way.


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