Is it better to be alone?

I have an old saying:  “It’s better to be single and alone than in the wrong relationship and lonely”

Many times I have seen couples staying together when they clearly don’t belong with one another.  They try to make the relationship work but somehow the spark has fizzled, the romance is replaced with boredom and resentment.  It can take months , sometimes years for this to take place.

And I wonder…

Where did the love go?

How can two people who came together (butterflies in their stomach) end up virtual enemies?  What caused them to come to this precipice?  What bitterness resides within their hearts?

It saddens me to see people once in love fall apart like this but then I think to myself:

Are they better off apart?

Don’t stay in marriage or relationship simply for the kids. What kind of example are you giving them?  Parents are their children’s first mentors, teachers…they are the doorway to the rest of the world.  And by giving negative examples of how a relationship does NOT work…well, what are you really doing for them anyway?

Then I see couples staying together because they are afraid of change…or perhaps one of them really does love the other however their partner has long moved on and doesn’t know how to tell the other it’s time to let go.  Perhaps outside factors interfere with their relationship such as a job, friends, or family.  Outside interests creep in and before you know it your partner would much rather spend their spare time doing something other than being with you.

And where does that leave you?

What do you do?

That’s why I say it’s far better to be alone than in the wrong relationship and lonely.  It’s the worst feeling in the world and you deserve better. Just don’t wait until it’s too late and you look back on those years with bitterness….regret–sometimes change is good…scary but it’s for the best.


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