Being your own worst enemy

We can be our harshest critic…especially those of us (cough) who are ever the perfectionist. We examine everything down to the finest detail and then even further at times trying to figure out and fix any visible flaws. 
At times this chronic behavior can be seen as a blessing when perfectionism is warranted but when it comes to relationships we should do our best not to self-sabotage ourselves into creating a mess out of something that never needed fixing in the first place.
Have you been with someone (any type of relationship will do) and everything is going along smoothly but you still tend to harbor a tiny bit of doubt about how things are going?
Have you questioned yourself as to why you do this? What is it about the relationship that makes you feel insecure?
Is it your past?
Something your partner/friend/relative has done?
The worst thing you can do is stew in silence, mulling over the what if’s and what could have been…..nothing is worse than questioning your own sanity. 
Create a positive outlook….
You have to put positive energy in the air.  Sometimes even if you don’t say it, you may show it with actions, that you feel “this is to good for you” or “you don’t deserve happiness”.  You have to try your best in believing that you do deserve happiness and that you live for today and today things are great and that is ALL that matters.  Fearing tomorrow or the unknown takes away from the beauty of today.

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