Learning to let go…

Sometimes in this life we meet people who made a powerful impact and for awhile it was mutual enjoyment…could be a friend, lover, spouse or relative.

But sometimes…sometimes things go south you try your best to keep the relationship going, to fix it…maybe you still have feelings for that individual but that person has moved on. What do you do? Do you continue to swallow your pride hoping against all odds they might change their mind and take you back?

At some point you need to realize things aren’t going to get better, in fact—–your life has come to a standstill because you refuse to move on. 

You need to stop and take a moment, realize that you’re wasting your time and really wasting the time of the person who has decided to move on. Don’t short change yourself by thinking the person will change their mind and take you back because if you do you will only end up getting hurt. And as the pictures states so eloquently….your life is a story and the part they played in it is over and it’s time to let go. Doesn’t mean they were bad people (or you) but the parts you all played simply doesn’t fit in with the goals/needs any more.



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