Honor and Integrity

I attended NARA’s Dedication Ceremony and heard from the sister Colonel Patricia S. Blassie, USAFR, Commander Air Reserve Personnel Center, about the mystery surrounding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which contained the remains of a Vietnam veteran Air Force pilot 1st Lietutenant Michael Joseph Blassie whose DNA was traced back to his family located here in Saint Louis.

The story inspired me, made me proud to work for my agency and for being a soldier. And I wonder how many people live by a code of honor and integrity….is their word golden…do they treat others with respect (their loved ones, friends…even sometimes strangers.)

We should all have some type of code to live by, to be able to set a good example for others, to enable others to trust us, count on us on being there. What good is our name if our word means nothing????

I think about the man who died for his country and the family he left behind.  I think about what type of code he lived by and to end up in one of the most prestigious tombs to ever grace this earth. 

More info on my agency and the Tomb of the Unknowns can be found at these links:


About the Record’s Center

Tomb of the Unkowns


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