Finding oneself

When we are kids we dream about becoming a teacher, fireman, police officer..soldier.

And as teens we venture out spreading our wings…tenatively reaching out to the world to test our skills and wills sometimes to the detriment of ourselves and at times a few unexpected surprises (nice ones).

We are anxious to fall in love and see if someone can understand us to the point our parents seem to have veered off into parts unknown.

Sometimes when we fall in love we can lose ourselves into that special someone to the point we forget who and what we are–what makes us happy outside of being a couple.  Not healthy for yourself or your parnter.

Sometimes we flounder for meaning-thinking the job we are at will fill us with some type of purpose.

We have children, we grow older and the cycle begins anew as we see them trying to find oneself.

And in all of this we endeavor to swim through seas of change-keeping our head held high hoping against all odds that our lives truly had meaning, that our sense of purpose has been fulfilled and we can honestly say that life indeed was worth living.


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