I have never been a fan of public speaking. Like many people it’s a phobia. I prefer one on one conversation however, if I wish to continue advancing this fear has to be conquored.  I thought about taking a public speaking class at the local community college but a good friend of mine suggested Toastmasters

According to their website when it comes to public speaking this organization [can give you]:

Confidence. The ability to communicate, persuade and lead. The skill to tell one’s story, shape better tomorrows and point others in the same direction. These are the attributes of leaders, and not all leaders are born with talent. They learn it, and so can you.

So, it seems joining is the best recourse for me. I need challange (thrive off of them) and because of my educational/career background it simply makes sense to join.

Am a person who believes in having a plan of action. Complaining gets you no where but more gray hairs. 

If you have a weakness, work on it. Don’t sit around stewing about the situation and nothing is being done. That’s when you simply become a  liability unto yourself and others. And who really wants to be that person?


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