The American Job Situation SUCKS!

I’m not kidding. It does. Not only do college graduates have to compete but so do everyone else whose been laid off or fired.  With all the downsizing going on in this country and jobs being outsourced where does this leave us Americans?

Progression has to happen. Jobs have to be created. Start by bringing back some of those manufacturing jobs overseas…quit sending our jobs to other countries because of cheap labor. I know we all want a decent product at cost but we cannot continue on this path.  Also, look at the American infrastructure! talk about wasting money! WHERE are our tax dollars going?

I am very grateful to have a job, a job I enjoy and don’t have to worry that it will be gone the next day so before anyone complains about their own please remember those out there who are struggling to make ends meet, who are underemployed or unemployed…for the kids who are seeking out their dreams–they are applying for everything and anything…..their youthful energy is hopeful but there ideals are being crushed because no one will hire them.

Americans have to be resourceful during these times…think outside of the box. If our grandparents and great grandparents, who were known as the Greatest Generation can do it…so can we!

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