Reason for being…

“If there were no God, it would have been necessary to invent him.”

On English Sabla there is an on-going discussion about Stephen Hawking’s comment that Heaven does not exist. And it is interesting to learn about the Muslim point of view.

I can understand in part why Mr. Hawking believes this. We are sentient beings and we need to have a sense of purpose as to why we are here…that this existence isn’t all there is when we pass.

Then I look at the various religions and feel every culture has its own interpretation of what Heaven/God must be like because this viewpoint meshes with the way we all are raised and gives meaning to our lives.

I wonder about the Big Bang and what caused it to happen…was it merely a systemic chemical reaction of matter or was there something miraculously greater than any of us…God…who decided His existence was also a lonely one and began to create a universe to stave off an eternity of solitude?


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