Marketing oneself

Honestly it’s harder than one might expect. I have a manuscript in the works which I plan on finding representation so why does it seem harder to create a query letter than it is in actually writing the story?

My family is quite artistic. My daughter loves to draw and she has been keeping up with her own writing hobby. I have a few cousins/uncles who also have taken up the brush…I have a cousin who is an excellent photographer (and am not simply stating this because he is my cousin)…he has a wealth of ideas and energy which would be great to see in the mainstream.

But why is it so damn hard for some of us to lay ourselves out there and figure out a way to “brag” about our accomplishments.

Fear of rejection?


Self-doubt in our own talents….could be.

But there are also those of us out there who are uncomfortable “tooting our own horn.” Just doesn’t feel right though we know by doing so we are opening up ourselves to not just rejection but to a wonderful potentiality of possibilities.

…….am ready to open the door.


2 thoughts on “Marketing oneself

  1. It is a tough gig, marketing oneself. But what else is there these days, if we cannot afford personal spin doctors, we are the only persons interested enough to do it. Writing my blog a few months ago was my start. All the best on your journey and try not to worry about rejection (aka lack of interest), it’s a bit about luck, timing and a lot about persistence according to one of my former writing instructors. 🙂

  2. True…sometimes there are individuals who may have some talent but they are able to publish because of who they know and when you are like me who comes from an average Middle Class background well….we test the system. 😦

    Thank you for your post and hopefully things will move forward. I think you are right in that timing can make all the difference. What is “hot” right now.

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