A new look

I had an in-depth post regarding my return to the gym and for some reason the entire post is gone except for the title….Sigh…Dios dame la paciencia!

I returned to 24hour Fitness a few weeks ago because I have a set goal in mind as to where I want to be. With my surgery over I am slowly returning to my “routine”.

Being in your 40’s doesn’t mean looking frumpy or acting like an old maid.  I don’t mentally feel 42 and though I am combating R.A.,  (and you gotta be a fighter to deal with it) exercise is a wonderful outlet and keeps the disease in check.  Regular workouts helps to maintain muscle strength along with joint flexibility. (Though who doesn’t like the delicious cosmetic benefits of looking good.?)  🙂

Though really, I have to say the mental incentive of fitting into my clothing (which I have a walk-in closet full of…) is an additional motivational tool to getting back out there and becoming the beautifully fit woman who is aching to come out….

The Army taught me not only self-motivation but maintaining the desire to keep in shape.  When your clothes fit you and look good this feeling becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy and you continue to keep up the good habits. (At least that’s what this blogger thinks!)

We all envision what we would LIKE for ourselves to be and trust me I am no different. I do have an athletic build however sadly I, along with many millions of other Americans have succumb to the deliciousness of fast food and at times being a couch potato.

What is spurring me into action besides looking good is simply wanting to have the energy and feel (be) healthy.  I notice many Americans are overweight and this pandemic does cause a strain to our healthcare system.  Many diseases can be attributed to poor lifestyle choices and I am young enough (and stubborn enough) to want change. Trust me I understand there are people out there who are overweight due to some kind of disease but I am not addressing them but to those who can make better lifestyle choices. I for one am guilty of the same.

Who doesn’t want to look good but feeling good….no one can put a price tag on that!


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