Cancer Scare

Breast cancer does not run in my family yet when you are told you have a complex breast cyst and it has to come out a tiny part of you is afraid of the “what if.”

When you are told that you have a mass and the docs have to rule out cancer  through surgery, it’s like your whole world narrows down to just one body part.

Right now it’s a waiting game until next week.  For the most part I am confident this will be benign but a part of me still wonders.  I try to keep that nagging thought deep in the back of my mind because I simply cannot have anything else but a cyst.

I have always wondered how some people get cancer and others do not.

DNA susceptibility?

Environmental factors?

I just don’t know.  Cancer is a monstrous life-robbing disease which affects the patient and those around them.

Am lucky I have a very loving and supporting family and my significant other will be with me every step of the way. Having the support is vital for any woman going through such a diagnosis.  Even though more than likely mine is benign, knowing that a vital part of me will now be marred with a scar is daunting. But I will gladly take this scar as a badge of courage if it means getting an accurate diagnosis.

The cyst was found by accident because I do not perform self-exams and from now on I will. I highly encourage women to take the time to check themselves because it IS a matter of life and death.

Luckily complex breast cysts usually are not cancerous and because of my family history of practically all of our women having these I will simply have to deal with a temporary discomfort of having the offending perpetrator removed. But my heart goes out to all the women out there whose final diagnosis is a life-changing experience and my prayers are with each and every one of you.


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