Sucking it up

Ended up in the ER yesterday after having my left knee injected the day before with a cortisone shot…not fun. The following day I could barely walk on it and had a high fever.  I usually don’t like going to hospitals unless I am keeling over. This was one of those times.

Found out in addition to the regular arthritis sitting in there like a ticking time bomb I have some sort of lesion. Sigh….It would be quite safe to say this knee hurts me pretty much on a daily basis and I have my good days and bad days with it. Good days means it doesn’t hurt quite so bad…bad days is when it decides to swell up and announces its cryptic presence and I simply suck it up.

Getting older can really bite at times because your body begins to go through these unusual changes such as everything falling south of the border and new aches and pains. Not fun. And the doc gave me this brace which reminds me of some kind of freakish medieval torture device.

But hey, daughter went and bought me some ice cream and I feel a little better.


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