The land of opportunity?

I still believe that America offers anyone who lives here or who choses to immigrate to this nation many ample opportunities for success.

However, with that said I look at our failing economy and the tediousness of our bi-partisian government and makes me wonder about the future of America.

Many college-aged people I know have told me how difficult it has been looking for a job.  Quite a few are simply taking on service jobs to simply survive.  College degreed and working at Jack in the Box….

What is happening to our nation?

Even my own daughter is having a difficult go at it and so  I am stepping in along with some family members to find creative solutions to the stagnant job market.

And though I will at times complain about my own job….at the same time am eternally grateful I have one to even complain about.

Is our country on the right path?

How many college-aged kids are still living at home because no jobs are to be found?

Or perhaps these recent college grads are simply not looking “hard enough” OR

They are being far too narrow-minded when it comes to accepting any job that comes along. Right now it’s about making some money, gaining experience and still looking for that “dream job” when it comes around.

For myself the solution is simple….MAKE it your job 8 hours a day or whatever it takes to become gainfully employed. An hour or two here or there won’t cut it.

Not these days.


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