Shopping for freedom

If I had the connections and the extra time a part of me would love to participate in such an organization as the Emancipation Network, which  rescues women from the sex trade.

Sarah Symons tells her story of how one film changed her life.

The Day My God Died  chronicles the story of several young girls who were rescued from this despicable act against women and humanity.  Sarah was so moved by what she saw she flew to Nepal after joining Friends of Maiti Nepal and experienced first hand the destruction against souls and bodies.  She also saw the tender care given to these unfortunate girls whose choices and control over their destinies were wiped away. They began to come out of their shells and celebrate life.

While there Sarah discovered these women had created colorful and poignant crafts and ultimately these began to quickly sell, profits going back to these women to restructure their lives.

Please visit Made By Survivors to learn more about what you can do to help women like those discussed in Redbook’s following article


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